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Gut Microbial and Metabolic Mediators of Rotavirus Vaccine Response 

The Rotavirus vaccine was developed to prevent severe diarrhea and is especially important in low- and middle-income countries where 85% of deaths due to Rotavirus occur.  Unfortunately, vaccine efficacy is lower in these countries compared to high-income countries.  This study evaluates infants from three countries with different socioeconomic levels using sophisticated methods to determine how specific bacteria and viruses in the infant gut (microbiome) may change the response to the vaccine. If successful, this study will have a significant impact on this important public health disparity as a targeted intervention to improve vaccine response that could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year.     

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 Dissection of Influenza Vaccination and Infection for Childhood Immunity

Influenza is a major public health threat worldwide, however, vaccine effectiveness is suboptimal and our current vaccine is strain specific, limiting effective control across multiple strains. This global study addresses the critical need to improve understanding of how the human B and T cell response is established after initial influenza virus infection or vaccination in infants and children and to identify correlates of protection from disease. To this end,

our consortium of world-renowned investigators is applying state-of-the-art immunological methods in the context of unique and established cohort studies in infants and children.

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 Household Exposure and Respiratory Transmission and Immunity of SARS-CoV-2

The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 in humans in late 2019 has led to its rapid spread worldwide. Greater understanding of the determinants of transmission, infection susceptibility, and disease severity are needed to better craft containment strategies, stratify risk for susceptible populations, and determine future preventive measures. This multi-national study will follow household members of all ages exposed to a close contact with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 to evaluate symptoms, shedding, transmission, and profile infection-induced early innate responses and serological, B cell, and cellular memory against SARS-CoV-2 infection.


Mucosal vs Systemic Influenza Vaccine While Breastfeeding:

Milk Immunity

Maternal immunization with influenza vaccine has the potential to protect infants less than six months of age, a vulnerable age group at risk for serious complications and death and for whom vaccine is not available. This study seeks to evaluate the immune response in breast milk following maternal immunization with the injected inactivated influenza vaccine compared to the nasal spray live attenuated influenza vaccine. The results will increase our understanding of how breast milk provides immune protection and will lay the foundation for larger clinical studies to determine efficacious maternal immunization strategies to best protecting infants.


NICHD 1 R01 HD100542-01

NIAID 1 U01 AI144616 - 01 

NIAID 3 U01 AI144616 - 02S1



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